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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992 outlines specific requirements for signage within public buildings in order to make all buildings accessible to people with disabilities, including those individuals with visual impairments. Room identification, stair and restroom identification, directional regulatory and other informational signs must comply with these guidelines to be considered ADA compliant. H.M. Witt & Co. has extensive experience and can assist in navigating these sometimes complicated and confusing requirements. Our services include ADA sign consultation, design, manufacture, and installation.

We offer a wide range of material and manufacturing to suit your particular needs and budget.

Additionally, if you are a building owner in the City of Chicago, H.M. Witt & Co. can assist you in complying with the Chicago High Rise Evacuation Ordinance (Chapter 13-78) of the Municipal Code of Chicago) which include specific signage for outside and inside stairwells, area of rescue assistance, and elevator identification.