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Gold Leaf Lettering

Our skilled artisans have been hand lettering doors and windows with gold leaf since 1894. HM Witt & Co.’s genuine 24 carat leaf gilding, in combination with outlining and shading, is still the standard by which all others are judged. We are proud to be keeping this tradition alive.

Vinyl Lettering

Available in an impressive range of colors, textures and finishes, self-adhesive vinyl graphics can be an effective solution for window and door signage. It’s durability and quick turn-around make it a popular choice for many applications.

Screenprinted lettering

The screenprinting or "silkscreening" process reproduces logos and lettering to exact specifications by pressing ink through a fine mesh screen. Screenprinting can be more economical for large runs than vinyl graphics and has no limitations to type height. You can achieve more subtle color combinations and additional levels of detail with screenprinting that are not possible with vinyl graphics.

Digital printing

Full color graphics are printed on our large format digital printers and then laminated to MDO boards or direct to sign surface area. Large photo murals can be a valuable sales tool for real estate sales and other commercial advertising. We offer "graffitti guard" that is a protective covering that can be added onto the signs so that grafitti can be removed more easily.

Cast & Cut-Out Letters

Individual letters mounted to a plaque or direct to a wall can provide a bold, 3-dimensional look. We manufacture cut out letters from foam, acrylic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel and have a wide range of finishes and colors. We have a comprehensive color matching system that duplicates Pantone, Matthews and other national color brands. Letters can also be mounted to a wooden plaque or painted backplate for a more traditional look.